IRL Kentucky: Deja vu for Kanaan and Franchitti

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The IRL race at Kentucky had a lot in common with the last round at Michigan – Tony Kanaan won, and Dario Franchitti had a huge shunt.

Kanaan’s victory from pole position means the Brazilian has a realistic shot at the title with three rounds remaining. He beat Scott Dixon across the line by 1.7s – the New Zealander is now eight point behind Franchitti in the standings.

Fortunately for the Briton his crash came after the flag had fallen, as he struck Kosuke Matsuura’s car and flew through the air for the second time in seven days. Once again he was fortunately unscathed.

Sam Hornish Jnr spun our on lap 35 and took Dan Wheldon out with him, the Briton’s hopes of winning the title now firmly buried. AJ Foyt IV was third ahead of Marco Andretti and Tomas Scheckter.

The series resumes at Infineon Raceway in two weeks’ time.

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