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From the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix live blog
From the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix live blog

We?re less than two weeks away from the first official action of the 2009 F1 season.

We?ll be following every F1 session live on F1 Fanatic this year. Here?s how you can join in.


Every race weekend we?ll be running live blogs during each of the five F1 sessions. You can find details of upcoming sessions via the F1 live button at the top of the page.

During the live blogs we?ll have a team of commentators and moderators updating everyone on the action and managing the discussion. You can post comments, images and videos, vote on live polls and more.

Here’s an example of one of the live blogs from last year: Brazilian Grand Prix 2008 Live Blog


Want to get involved in running the live blogs? If you can read a race well and type quickly, why not join in as a commentator?

We need eagle-eyed, race-savvy fans who can help us catch everything the television cameras and commentators miss.

If you?re interested in becoming a live blogs commentator get in touch with me using the contact details below.


Last year we had 67,450 comments posted during the live blogs. With hundreds of fans participating not everyone can talk at once ?ǣthis is where the moderators come in.

We need passionate F1 fans with an appetite for discussion to help out running the live blogs. They need to ensure the best comments get posted and that everyone gets a chance to contribute.

We usually have a team of at least half a dozen moderators who work in a relay during the sessions, typically doing one stint of 20-30 minutes each in a session.

If you?re interested in becoming a live blogs moderator get in touch with me using the contact details below.


If you run a website you can embed the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs and share the fun with even more fans.

Contact me for more information on how to do this.

Want to join in? Get in touch now

You can join in as a commentator, or moderator, or both. And you don’t have to join in every session or every race weekend.

If you want to get started in commentating on, moderating or sharing the live blogs, contact me:

Here’s to another exciting season of F1 live blogging!

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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18 comments on “F1 live blogs 2009”

  1. Keith, how many people are actually involved in running this site?

    1. I run it, and lots of others help out from time to time – guest writers (more on those later this week) and people who help out with the live blogs.

      And if I’m going to get into a full-on ‘credits’ thing, thanks are also owed to the many people I’ve consulted with on various technical problems particularly in the past four months. And the theme is designed by Dreamfly.

  2. Aaron Shearer
    15th March 2009, 22:52

    I’ve never participated in a live blog in my life, I’m certainly looking forward to participating this year.

    The example you showed in that post looks really good. I’ll now be taking my laptop down to the TV for all 17 races of the year.

    Oh yes before I forget, are you going to be having a live blog throughout the practice sessions this year since the BBC are doing it on the red button?

    1. Won’t make any difference to us – this is totally independent of the BBC, and many people on the live blog are watching F1 in other countries, which is part of the fun.

      Look forward to seeing you on there!

  3. Aaron Shearer
    15th March 2009, 23:25

    Thank you very much for clearing that up for me Keith. Good luck with finding some moderators for the blog. I would apply but I don’t think I’ve got enough experience to do it.

  4. I participated in last year’s LIVE blog.It is good for those people who miss live action in TV or the broadcaster so the “deferred” live F1 race like the Star Sports did here in India.

    Well, Regarding moderators,I am not sure for now.But,could contribute with my comments for sure

  5. I’d love to commentate!

    I’ll admit I’m not the greatest at stuff like reading a race regarding fuel, but I think I can do everything else fairly well!


  6. Do we need to register to join in on the blog?
    You’re doing a great job of the site Keith… it’s become one of my faves… :).. looking forward to an amazing season full of surprises!! Cheers

    1. Nope you don’t need to register (I avoid making people register for stuff when I can!)

  7. theRoswellite
    16th March 2009, 6:27

    Yes Keith, outstanding work on the site, more and more sophisticated almost daily, look forward to joining in this year.

  8. Will be there this year also.I started only for last few rounds last year. This year will be there for every race.

  9. I´d really like to commentate every race I can watch…Usually I miss about one or two races in a season because of work…but have been watching those with live timing.
    Best F1 site ever!!!

  10. I’ll be reading along as usual, booked the fridays of GP weekends off work :D

    Many thanks again for the site Keith!

  11. I’d love to commentate again this season. Last year was a whole lot of fun, especially the wet races :D

    Keith, I have a few commitments which might keep me away this season, but I’ll try my best to join in. Good luck!

  12. I’ll be turning up to participate as well, software and internet connection permitting ;)

  13. i would really like to apply for moderator but im 13 (is that not old enough?)

    it was great participating last year, especially in the last race – that was AMAZING!

  14. keith,

    won’t be able to commentate or moderate but will definitely join the blog..last year was a blast..it sure makes up for the shortcomings of Star Sports here in Malaysia…

  15. Love the site and will definitely be getting involved this year in what I hope will be a great season of racing. Interested in helping out with moderating and also sharing the live blogs on a special F1 section of my website i’m currently building!

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