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Nico Rosberg was on top again in the second free practice session as the McLarens sunk towards the bottom of the times charts.

Review the action from the Australian Grand Prix Practice 2 live blog below.

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12 comments on “Australian Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog”

  1. It’s so exciting to see Mclaren still testing aero parts for Monaco, perhaps they’ll hide their true pace for the whole season.

  2. Hi Keith,
    im as Mad as hell and im not going to take it any more!
    The Speed Channel advertised the Australian F1 GP practice to be aired at 1:30 am, i tuned in to a blue screen advising us in Toronto, Canada’s biggest market that because of program rights issues we were out of luck! The Speed Channel seems to run “Hick” racing all day long, (nascar, ovals, ect) each to his own, and sticks F1 programming where the sun don’t shine. i find this a disservice to all the F1 fans and even more so to the advertisers. The Speed Channel is at best incompetent, worse than that they are a bunch of Clowns! (No disrespect to professional Clowns).
    Keith, may i ask you faithful to wade in on this one, to offer real world suggestions,
    ie: sign an electronic partition against The Speed Channel, as i am not the only F1 fanatic affected by this nonsense, it has happened before with the actual races!
    Oh you lucky people who have a choice, BBC won’t run the race on BBC Canada.
    Sorry for the rant Keith, i have been counting the seconds to Adelaide since the end of the last race so im mighty ******!

    1. i feel your pain dude cause i have the same problem.i was up till i:30 last night to see the practice but it did not happened besides i am paying 70 bucks for rogers vip and i cant watch the race? this is awful.i”m so ****** folks,this ain’t right.thats all.

    2. i don’t think speed ever carried f1 in canada (black/blue screen). bernie sells the tv rights per country, not per channel. rds and tsn should be carrying the race.

    3. aja: Same thing happened to me. I’ve been primed up to watch the new cars in action after a winter of anticipation-then SPEED blocked practice (must be a fanatic as I lost sleep over this!). However, I think TSN will broadcast qualifying and the race (unless they block it as well).

  3. Hey Keith, Finally has uploaded a 2008 Season Summary Video.. Although i still consider their 2007 Summary Edit to be higher on the ‘Coolness’ factor.. this is still a must watch..! :) Check it out..!

  4. I realise that Friday practice times usually mean nothing but I would love it if Williams had a successful season.

  5. LOL @ Martin Bell. Loved the comment!

  6. Stuck watching from U.S.
    27th March 2009, 12:46

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get a torrent of the practice? Mininova and my other regular sites don’t have anything up, and it’s long past the time by which they normally would. Thanks!

    1. usually it’s just qual and race. darmeth should have the uk show up after 2 or 3 hours.

  7. Thanks Keith, for leaving my rant up, and thanks for the support of all the F1 Fanatics who visit this EXCELLENT site!!!!!
    Such a Great job Keith! real quality posts, makes the BBC F1 page look rather amateurish.
    Wow, Bravo Brawn! blue my sox off!

  8. I went to the Australian Grand Prix 2014 and was so exiting that i still dream with the possibility to go again.Anyway you can check soccer stuff at

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