Are you going to the Malaysian Grand Prix?

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At least one of our number is already bound for Sepang: Journeyer, F1 history master and stats guru, is heading out there for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

I hope he?s packed his double-strength anorak, because the rain bearing down on Sepang International Circuit looks pretty fierce.

Who else is braving the climate to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix from the stands? Leave a comment below to let us know where you?re watching from.

If you?re taking a camera, please share your pictures and video with us ?ǣ you can upload them to the F1 Fanatic

Just because you?re at the track doesn?t mean you can?t stay up-to-date with the live blogs: you can send in messages to our live discussions during any of the sessions via most internet-capable mobile devices.

If you want to find out what others who?ve visited the track had to say about it, see here: Sepang International Circuit: spectators? experiences.

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5 comments on “Are you going to the Malaysian Grand Prix?”

  1. BRING ON THE RAIN!!! Lets just hope it don’t get too dark…

  2. I live in KL and always get free tickets but I think I won’t attend anymore races as I can get the “actual” race results (which is the correct one) from the race stewards about a week after..saves money, time, effort and hair (since I don’t have to pull out mine)..

    1. Aaron Shearer
      3rd April 2009, 2:07

      You can always send me those spare tickets. I’m sure I’ll be able to use them. On a more serious note, Good luck to all I’m hoping the weathers kind to you.

  3. umm, so is anyone actually going or what?

  4. Journeyer, F1 history master and stats guru

    Goodness me, Keith, I had no idea you described me that way! :P

    It was lots of fun, though, even if we got soaked to the bone and muddied to the skin. ;)

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