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Ferrari finally broke Nico Rosberg’s domination of free practice. Kimi Raikkonen lapped the Sepang circuit in 1’35.707 despite suffering more KERS problems.

Massa followed him up in second with Sebastian Vettel third. Review the Malaysian Grand Prix free practice 2 live blog below.

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3 comments on “Malaysian Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog”

  1. Ferrari 1-2. Very close session, the top 15 separated by less than a second. Brawns down in 6-7 and Rosberg streak as fastest in all practise sessions to date ends with him ending up 4th.

    My worries are firmly on Alonso. He only manage 20 laps, and ran off the track in the process and ended 15th, 0.993 secs off the pace. Whats going on? Are they just testing some new bits or is the car fundamentally out? I’m leaning toward him testing new bits because Piquet finished 10th, about a thrid of a second faster. The again, judging by how slow the car was in Melbourne, it obvious the car isn’t a gem to drive. The BMWs are way off. Kubica 1.5 secs off while Heidfeld 2.2 secs off. And they did put a fair amount of laps as well.

    1. Hi,

      I read that Alonso’s sick : his hear hurts (don’t know the disease name in english, sorry…in french you’d call that an “otite”).
      That’s why he’s been slower than Piquet (there was necessary such a reason for that…)

  2. That’s a horrible illness if it makes him even slower than Piquet. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Get well soon Fernando!

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