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Slowly, signs are emerging that the FIA and FOTA might reach a compromise.

The teams have proposed their own version of the budget cap, to which Mosley has replied offering concessions in other areas including, significantly, the rules by which the sport is governed. Might they finally crack a deal?

Mosley outlines deal offer to teams

"He has told teams that he is prepared to discuss the FIA's International Court of Appeal, and also remove the controversial Appendix 5 to the 2010 Sporting Regulations. This latter element had angered teams, who feared that it gave the governing body carte blanche to impose whatever rules they wanted."

Political crisis clouds outlook at Silverstone

"Sources close to the FIA president suggested this could be a last chance for a settlement but inquiries by The Times indicate this is unlikely to be achieved. One senior figure in a Fota team said that Mosley’s offer was well-packaged but contained little that was new and little or no movement on the substantive issues. “I don’t think he’s moved at all, to be honest,” he said."

Lola withdraws F1 entry application

"Though Lola would not comment further on the matter, Autosport understands that owner Martin Birrane is hugely disappointed not to have received an entry given the work and effort his company had put in to proving it could be a legitmate [sic] and serious competitor."

We should champion Jenson Button. It’s not rocket science

"In the end, in a country in which most people are still struggling to grasp the concept of mini-roundabouts, to pour scorn on the best driver in the world for not being in charge of his vehicle seems a little churlish. Unlike those unfortunate Alberts, Button knows precisely what type of rocket he is getting into, what could go right, and what could go horribly wrong. He is no space monkey, so at least give him credit for that." Martin Samuel's take on the 'is F1 sport?" debate. (Hint: the answer is 'yes').

Mansell: Button is ‘best in the business’

"The great thing is that [Button] had served a very long apprenticeship and now it's coming together. The thing that is really good for him, and I congratulate him on, is that he is not letting this go, he is staying focused."

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13 comments on “F1 links: Mosley offers more concessions”

  1. Why does Mosley keep putting his offer in front of the media. All this is just to make FOTA look unreasonable if there is no agreement reached. A man as vindictive as Mosley has no business governing an international body like the FIA.

    1. He is trying to win the PR battle, as most politicians do.

    2. Why does Mosley keep putting his offer in front of the media.

      So that ‘we’ know what’s going on,and then can (hopefully) make an informed opinion about it.Or would you rather be kept in the dark?

  2. Wasn’t it just last year that Nige was rubbishing Button?

    Flava of the season and all that…

    1. My thoughts exactly. He’s jumping on the Bandwagon too

  3. Wasn’t it just last year that Nige was rubbishing Button?

    Flava of the season and all that…

    I don’t believe Mansell has ever had a bad word about Button, ever… or for that matter changed his opinion on anything just to suit the moment.

    Happy for you to prove me wrong though…

      1. Happily proved wrong ;-)

        As you said though, does say more about Nige than Jenson. Shame.

        1. Bigbadderboom
          18th June 2009, 14:33

          Constructive critisism more than rubbishing though! Perhaps Jenson should have done better, but as Nigel said on TALKsport this morning, “He has learnt through his failure (at honda), and knows how important this year is”

          1. I’m sure he couldnt give a darn about people talking about the last few years :-P Look at him now.

  4. Mussolini's pet cat
    18th June 2009, 16:51

    Hey, hold on Max, this decreasing yearly budget was my idea ages ago! Bloomin cheek.

  5. Sir Ian Hyness
    19th June 2009, 10:35

    Am I missing something here?

    Our wonderful “Sir” Chris Hoy win’s 3 Gold Medals at the last Olympics. Britain spends £x Million pounds on that sport to make it happen. A country such as say, Ecuador spends £50 on their team because that’s all they can afford and they, not surprisingly would come last. Where are the shouts of “not fair” from the Olympic Committees for the disparity in team funding?
    In Scotland we have two teams in the Scottish Premier league, who inevitably win the league every year. How do they do this, by having the fan base (Sponsorship) which brings in the revenue that allows them to by better players and be more successful?

    This is the nature of sport. Teams like Force India never got into this sport with the idea they were going to be world champions in two years. Look how long it has taken Red Bull to become real contenders, yet they are now a force to be reckoned with.

    With minor successes comes additional sponsorship, the additional sponsorship brings better technical minds and better drivers, ergo greater success.

    I’ve been watching this sport for some 40 years, seen teams come and go and some re-emerge in different guises but the fact has always remained, the teams with the money and the technical expertise have been the ones to progress the sport to where it is today.

    You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

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