British Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog

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Review the British Grand Prix second practice live blog below.

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7 comments on “British Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog”

  1. who will win this years race

  2. Button “struggling” with his setup as usual

  3. wow!! FOrce india 2nd fastest… what have Vijay Mallya’s team pulled out of the bag here?
    Could this be their first decent points finish?

    Sutil is FLYING!

    1. I have 1 pound on Sutil to win! 400/1 :)

  4. oops, sorry, 3rd fastest, my bad

    1. Force India were second fastest if you count Red Bull as first fastest ;)

  5. Quote of the year!

    “If I could afford a burger here I’d throw it at Mosley”

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