Showers threaten Canadian GP weekend

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Formula 1 can expect warm weather for Canadian Grand Prix but with a chance of showers on Sunday and possibly also Saturday.

Regional temperatures are slightly above average at the moment and are expected to climb into the high 20s over the weekend.

Will any of the showers hit the track during one of the session? You can keep an eye out for incoming rain using the radar below. The circuit itself is slightly to the east of the marker on the map:

Location of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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36 comments on “Showers threaten Canadian GP weekend”

  1. Magnificent Geoffrey
    8th June 2010, 8:53

    ‘Threaten’? That makes it sound like it’s something we don’t want!

    The Canadian GP doesn’t need rain to entertain us, the lack of grip means that the race is almost always extremely exciting even in the dry.However, I know that I certainly wouldn’t mind another wet race this weekend, considering how amazing the two others we’ve had this year were.

    1. Heh heh heh.
      So we have freshly laid tarmac on bits of a stupendously competitive circuit, plus the possibilty of Noah-type rain part way through . . . sounds like the perfect race weekend.

  2. I think at Montreal you can have an exciting race even on the dry.
    Looking forward to it!

  3. Did 20-25 laps of this circuit last night with the MAK-Corp 2007 F1 mod for Race07, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kinda like a cross between monza and albert park. Very fast (i had low downforce and top speed of around 330Kph before braking into main straight chicane) but massively hard on brakes and really rewards being brave and carrying a lot of speed through the corners. Fastest lap (bearing in mind simulated 2007 spec cars) 1.16.5.

    1. might try again tonight with some rain and see how i fare…

  4. From experience, Montreal does not need rain to bring us an exiting race. For the Fans in the grandstands it would also be a shame.

    If rain falls, I hope there will be only a few drops of rain to spice it up in the 2nd half of the GP, but clearing up after some 5-10 laps so we might see some strategy gambles.

  5. I don’t think I can remember a wet Canadian Grand Prix. When was the last one?

    1. Terry Fabulous
      8th June 2010, 10:48

      Well i know that 1989 was wet, With Boutsen winning after Senna’s race fell apart with a few laps to go, but surely there has been one since then

      1. 2000, 1990 and 1989 are the races that been classified as wet races.

    2. 1990 started damp but I don’t think it rained during the race if I remember rightly.
      2000 was rain affected and 2005 was the last damp Montreal race.

      1. Ned Flanders
        8th June 2010, 11:30

        2005? I don’t remember that race being wet. 2000 was definitely wet, it started raining about half way through. I remember Jacques Villeneuve slid off at the hairpin and took Ralf Schumacher out.

        1. Sorry you’re right Ned it wasn’t. I really thought it was as well …completely thick moment by me

    3. 2000. (comment to short)

    4. I can’t remember which year that was, but I remember it was raining heavily in Qualifying. Rain-master Michael Schumacher looked like he’ll romp his way to pole, until he spun at the hairpin. He had a huge advantage until he made that little mistake.

  6. Ned Flanders
    8th June 2010, 11:33

    Wow, 2010 is turning out to be the rainiest season I’ve ever seen. Every race has either been wet, or there’s been a risk of rain… with the obvious exception of Bahrain of course

    1. Bahrain did rain the day after the race I think which would be typical really :P

      1. i think alot of non f1 fans tuned into watch that race and immediately lost all interest in f1. all that hype for nothing. shame it wasn’t a wet one…

    2. What about 2008? Wet race in Monaco, wet practice in Montreal, some rain at the end of the race in Magny-course, rain in Silverstone race, rain in Hockenheim practice. That’s 5 races in a row that were somehow rain-affected.

      1. Continuing on that Monza 2008, Fuji Practice 2008, Brazil 2008

        1. And last laps in Spa. And I think there was rain in Malaysian practice.

          That makes it 10/18 rain affected race weekends!

    3. 2008 been the wettest year in the last 3 decades. It has 5 races that was classified as wet races. There are a 3-4 other years that had 4 races classified as wet. So far out of 7 races we had 2 classified as wet. But of course this does not account for any wet qualifications just races that was classified as wet race during or at race start. So there could be a different year that has the most wet race weekends. But statistically so far 2 out of 7 is percentage wise higher then 08 (not by much). If we get a wet Canada race 2010 is on very good track to become the wettest race year.

      1. to make another statistic about wet weekends we’d have to add up all the weekend sessions and make a wet percentage. (fp1, fp2, sp3, Quali and race)so so far there have been 35 sessions in f1, and only 3 have been affected by rain, i.e drivers had to use inters or wets, (Aus race, Mal quali, China race). So 3 out of 35 is nothing really…

        1. We’ve been lucky then. Two of three in race, one in qualy that made an exciting race.

          1. if just talking about the races then- yep, sure have!

  7. Well personally I wouldn’t mind a smattering of rain. Just enough to have intermediates on till the first pit stop. An Australian amount of rain would be fine. Just to reduce grip just a little bit more. An negate the stupid quali tyre rule.

  8. it is interesting that as soon as the “use both tyres” rule is thrown out (because of rain) the race gets a lot more interesting. How about use whatever tyres you want in the race full stop?? I.e. Some drivers who had poor quali going full distance on the harder tyres and front runners doing maybe two stints on the softs??

  9. We are having wet days here in Montreal lately. Local forecasts say it will rain on Sat and Sun, and this forecast is there for a couple days already.
    TOday it says over 60% of probability of rain, 10mm on saturday and 5mm on sunday.

    I really hope we have some drops, since I’m not going to the circuit!

  10. Sudden rainfall in the last 10 laps or so would be ideal.

    1. Exactly. Let the race unfold completely, then rain with 15 laps to go, someone crashes, safety car, then 10 laps in new conditions with different strategies with all drivers together!

      1. ah… we can only dream… :)

  11. Here’s the latest from the “official” Environment Canada site :

    Friday: Sunny. Low 11. High 24.
    Saturday: A mix of sun and cloud. Low 15. High 25.
    Sunday: Periods of rain. Low 18. High 23.

    Mind you, they often get wrong results from their crystal ball. Radar available at

    1. Ohh it will snow. You read it here first ;)

  12. Local forecast now puts 70% probability of rain for Sunday, with up to 10mm (quit a lot).
    Saturday has now only 20%.
    I’ll keep an eye on those numbers (and the sky).

    1. whats the sky like today?

  13. So we may have a dry qualifying, but a damp race.
    Hmm. Fun.

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