Mercedes accepts FIA decision and will not appeal

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013Mercedes say they will not appeal against the International Tribunal’s verdict on the test it conducted in May.

The FIA panel has banned Mercedes from participating in the Young Drivers’ Test and reprimanded it along with tyre supplier Pirelli.

Mercedes said in a statement: The Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team acknowledges and accepts the decision of the FIA International Tribunal published today.

“The decision of the International Tribunal confirmed that the team acted in good faith regarding the Pirelli Tests, never intended to obtain any unfair sporting advantage and had no reason to believe that approval for the Pirelli Tests had not been given.

“Mercedes accepts the proportionate penalties of a reprimand and suspension from the forthcoming Young Driver Test that have been decided upon by the Tribunal.

“Mercedes would like to once again restate its firm belief in proper due process and commend the FIA for the principle of an independent disciplinary body.

“The team would furthermore like to thank the International Tribunal and its President for the fair hearing it received yesterday.

“In the best interests of the sport, the team does not intend to avail itself of any right to appeal the decision.

“Mercedes looks forward to working with the FIA and its fellow competitors to establish a more rigorous procedure for testing in the future, particularly to support the appointed tyre supplier.

“We now wish to bring this matter to a close and focus on the forthcoming British and German Grands Prix, both of which are important home races for the team.”

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12 comments on “Mercedes accepts FIA decision and will not appeal”

  1. appointed tyre supplier

    Is it not Pirelli….. ????

    Going by the Statement it looked like a forgone conclusion. I guess it was just matter of Public Drama to keep us fans happy , active and on the toes.

  2. Good Job Ross Brawn….

  3. Goodness Mercedes is nor gonna appeal, for a momento I was sooooooo worried this was going to go further… this must be the more cynical press reléase ever…

  4. What would they appeal? Appealing a fine or loss of disbursements is a different matter from the “specific-performance” issue of getting them into the test. The FIA was smart in its decision, which basically mooted a legal appeal, and made an FIA appeal mostly pointless.

  5. Poor young drivers. Christmas is ruined.

  6. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    21st June 2013, 17:15

    No more news till the Britih warm up then

  7. If you appeal an FIA decision and lose (again) the fines and penalties are always worse than the initial ones.

    1. That should be it…that’s the reason of course…

  8. Of course they would not appeal! They have already reaped the benefit, as said they could be fined worse after an appeal. The only ones to be punished are the young drivers. – not their fault.
    This in no way makes up for Merc drivers getting extra running.

  9. You generally don’t appeal when you get given a punishment which you suggested.

  10. Mercedes is not going to appeal! Ha ha! the FIA should start filming a sitcom.

    I would would suggest a title… “Friends”

  11. The ones that should appeal that joke/decision are the young drivers, despite they did not anything wrong they have been punished!

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