Super-soft tyre, Singapore, 2014

Super-soft tyres for resurfaced Hungaroring

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Pirelli has nominated super-soft tyres as part of its allocation for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The second-softest compound in its selection will be the mandatory compound for Q3 at the Hungaroring, which has been resurfaced since last year’s race.

Drivers will also have to reserve a set of soft and medium compound tyres available for use in the race. These were the two compounds Pirelli brought to the race last year.

2016 tyre nominations

Circuit2016 Q32016 Option2016 Prime2015 Option2015 Prime
BakuSuper-softSoftMediumNo raceNo race
Red Bull RingUltra-softSuper-softSoftSuper-softSoft

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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  • 6 comments on “Super-soft tyres for resurfaced Hungaroring”

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      19th May 2016, 12:48

      Montreal, Monte Carlo, Monaco – what’s in a word ;-)

      1. The first time and maybe second time it was a mistake, but now I think it’s a deliberate in joke :)

        1. It’s been like that for a few weeks lol

          1. Maybe Hungaroring and Hockenheim will be mixed-up too lol

    2. That’s great news. Softer tyres and a new tarmac will make the times drop quite a lot.
      In additon to that also the cars themselves got over 1s quicker on average so far this season.
      We could see low 1:19s, possibly even high 1:18s on a dry weekend in Hungary this year.

      1. To the Max !
        19th May 2016, 18:08

        I looked up the European F3 results of 2014 and 2016 to see the difference. The resurfacing seemed to have added 2s for the F3 cars.

        F1’s cars gaining 1s + 2s of resurfacing + faster tyres and 1.18s might actual be a sure bet seeing Lewis did a 1:22.202 lap last year. Of course weather conditions are going to play a big part in it too, but who knows, F1 cars gaining some more as F3 cars and they could come close to the 1:17s…?

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