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Gasly has never used Verstappen’s “engine mode 11”

2019 British Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly says an engine mode his team mate Max Verstappen used in the Austrian Grand Prix is one he hasn’t run on his car before.

However Verstappen denied the mode he used on the way to his victory in the Austrian Grand Prix two weeks ago is his Honda’s maximum power setting. Verstappen’s radio communications revealed some concerns with his power unit during the race and included references to him using engine mode 11.

Gasly, who was lapped by his team mate during the race, confirmed when asked at Silverstone he hadn’t used the mode before in any race weekend session, including in qualifying where teams normally activate their highest power engine modes.

“It’s different things between quali and the race,” said Gasly. “I don’t want to be talking about this. But to answer your question, no [I haven’t used it].”

The drivers were cagey about the purpose of engine mode 11. Verstappen denied it is the most powerful setting available to the drivers, saying it is “just something you do in the race”.

Verstappen’s win was the first for Honda since their return to F1 under the V6 hybrid turbo regulations. But he said the team still need more from their power unit.

“I think we still need to work hard,” he said. “Of course it’s a race victory but it doesn’t mean that now suddenly we are the dominating team. We still need to step up our performance at bit more.”

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  • 25 comments on “Gasly has never used Verstappen’s “engine mode 11””

    1. As entertaining as this is, maybe the FIA (or fom?) wouldn’t be wrong to ask that PU manufacturers disclose meaning of those modes, for the sake of transparency and the show fans are presented with.

      1. Why? At least it is something to talk about….

    2. Seems RedBull are up to their old tricks giving drivers different tools then pointing at the driver as the problem.

      1. Why would they intentionally hamstring Gasly? He’s a driver from their own programme, they don’t have a ready replacement (so its not like they’re setting him up to fail).

        I can understand them withholding a powerful mode that hurts reliability (e.g. 105% rated power) from a driver who isn’t putting the car higher up, and reserving it for an occasion when it can reap rewards.

        Even the setup discussion that happened y’day – I viewed it more as a case of Gasly previously being allowed to run his own setups, but is now being given Max’s setup as a guideline to work with (within limits). It’s not the first time we’ve seen drivers take the setup from their teammate (e.g. when one of them had a big crash in FP).

        Max is the favoured driver, no questions about it. If there’s one copy of a part, I’m sure Max will get it before Gasly. Then again, Gasly is no Webber. To suddenly ascribe such decisions within teams (even Red Bull) as being malicious is a bit of a stretch.

        1. Could be a RedBull tactic to pay less by the end of the year. Shouldn’t team pay something depending on the number of points they have. RedBull probably knows that their place is third anyway…

          1. @jeanrien – hmm, it feels out of character for any F1 team to go cheap in such a manner. I mean, just look at any of the hospitality suites of even the poorest teams, and it’ll be apparent that “poor” is a very relative term.

          2. I thought teams paid a proportional amount of their drivers’ Super Licence points for the subsequent season, e.g. Louis Hamilton would have cost Mercedes a mint … well the most ever for a right to drive this year. Anyway, the point being Pierre will cost Red Bull less next year than Max will … however Max will give Red Bull the most in terms of … I think it is the Column 2 payments.

        2. My thoughts to…

          Hurtful mode in the long run… But allowed to secure a podium or a win… Thus Gasly newer had the mode available…. :)

      2. Exactly, Witan, especially since engine mode 11 gives them about a lap per race.

        PS, what’s that shiny thing on your head?

        1. gives them about a lap per race

          (Kubica looks longingly at that dial on the RBR steering wheel)


      3. Up untill that mode, Verstappen was still way faster. Still doesnt explain why Gasly is so slow.

      4. pastaman (@)
        12th July 2019, 15:27

        Sounds like commenters are up to their old tricks spreading conspiracies instead of critical thinking

      5. Pretty sure Ricciardo would be right there with Verstappen…

      6. A childish oversimplification to demonize redbull….

        engines have differant modes, so what.

        Let’s just get it over with and call it orange mode, or something equally stupid to party mode. —they’re all just engine modes, relax ppl—

    3. Neil (@neilosjames)
      12th July 2019, 8:46

      Maybe it’s their most powerful race-only engine mode, not as strong as their qualifying mode but still a bit too aggressive to use unless it’s really needed. Which would explain why Gasly hasn’t used it yet, as he hasn’t been in a position where it’d be worth having it.

    4. RocketTankski
      12th July 2019, 9:30

      Is mode 11 when the VTEC kicks in?

    5. Ahhhh,the old “engine mode 11” button.
      That would be the button you press when you don’t want to leave another driver enough track room during a dodgy overtake attempt;)

    6. Watch out, Nige, RBR have an engine that goes to 11.

    7. Honda mode 11 = Mercedes mode 6 = Ferrari mode 5

    8. it sounds like Mario Kart where I never get the good item :(

    9. Turn that Honda up to eleven.

    10. tony mansell
      12th July 2019, 11:53

      Apparently Gasly said that the team cant think much of Verstappen as they were still booing when he got back to the pits.

    11. Each driver thinks that he is the fastest of all. So, Gasly tryin to find some reasons why he is the slower one. There is a perfect saying in Turkish for these kind situations; “stole the tower, trying to find a cover”.

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