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A packed weekend of Esports is coming up including the second instalment of Formula 1’s official Virtual Grands Prix.

As the race will take place using F1 2019, which does not include the new-for-2020 Hanoi Street Circuit, the Virtual Vietnam Grand Prix will take pace on Australia’s Albert Park.

IndyCar and NASCAR’s iRacing series will also continue in place of their scheduled races at Barber Motorsport Park and Bristol Motor Speedway respectively.

For those looking for even more motorsport action, Veloce Esports and Torque Esports’ regular series featuring a mix of top Esports drivers and racing drivers for various categories. Here’s when and where your can catch the big races on Saturday and Sunday.

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Date Series Organiser Event Game Track Format Start time (UK) Start time (US Eastern) Watch
04/04/2020 All-Star Series Torque Esports Legends Trophy rFactor 2 TBC Qualifying, race 17:00 12:00 YouTube
04/04/2020 IndyCar iRacing Challenge IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama iRacing Barber Motorsport Park Race 19:30 14:30 NBCSN (US), Sky Sports F1 (UK)
04/04/2020 All-Star Series Torque Esports All-Star Battle rFactor 2 TBC Qualifying, race Starts after Legends Race YouTube
05/04/2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series NASCAR Bristol Motor Speedway iRacing Bristol Motor Speedway Qualifying, race 18:00 13:00 Fox, FS1, Fox Sports app
05/04/2020 Not The GP Veloce Esports Not The GP F1 2019 TBC TBC 18:00 13:00 YouTube
05/04/2020 Virtual Grand Prix F1 Vietnam F1 2019 Albert Park Qualifying, 28-lap race 20:00 15:00 YouTube Facebook Twitch

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  • 13 comments on “When and where to watch this weekend’s top Esports races”

    1. Paul Steele
      3rd April 2020, 18:12

      Porsche Super Cup also tomorrow

    2. I believe the IndyCar irace will also be on their youtube channel.

      1. Can’t find anything on IndyCar or iRaving channel that says it is. Last week heavily promoted on YouTube. Able to set a reminder. This week nothing.
        Having seen the success of last week, I think both Sky and NBC have realised they’re onto a good thing to make people pay.
        Happy to be proved wrong though.

    3. Nice to see Indy’ll be on NBCSN, reminder set :)

    4. Thanks Keith, very practical. Maybe a rough list 9f the participants could be cool ? (Headlines maybe ?)

      1. ColdFly (@)
        4th April 2020, 11:03

        I noticed that Gio will be the 6th current F1 driver to join the ‘official’ game. @tango

      2. @tango I did last week but some of these races are announcing their entries very late. I’ll try to incorporate more in the article next time.

        1. No problem, it’s a bit of a mess but yesterday’s f1 sanctioned race was ok. Thanks for the excellent work (1nd the webcast link too)

    5. I wonder if @keithcollantine might be able to do some technical features with some actual race drivers on how they set up their rigs, and how they get the most out of their racing.

      I’m sure a lot of people would be interested and quit a few are probably consider investing in a decent racing rig so they can get a fix of race cars and race car driving.

    6. I’m not aware of Alonso taking part in any of this, which seems ridiculous considering his quest to become the best on anything with 4 wheels. Any excuses these elitist drivers make regarding not taking part is total bs.

    7. A shame the IndyCar race is on pay tv. God dammit. All this stuff should be on YouTube.

    8. Hey guys for future reference the Indycar tracing i found it on the SkySports you tube page. Everyone watched it on Indycar page last week and last night couldn’t find it until stumbled upon the sky sports page. Hope this helps to stave off the cold turkey!

      1. *iracing not tracing :)

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