Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Paul Ricard, 2021

2021 French Grand Prix championship points

2021 French Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 12 points from Lewis Hamilton after this weekend’s race.

F1 drivers championship after the 2021 French Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 French Grand Prix

1Red Bull215
6Aston Martin40
8Alfa Romeo2

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2021 French Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2021 French Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Not a good prospect for Mercedes ahead when they can’t win on a Mercedes track. This Redbull is good everywhere now.

  2. Lando still surviving in fourth place!

    Only lost 2 points to Bottas this week!

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      20th June 2021, 15:46

      He’s stamping his authority driver of the championship thus far

  3. It should have been a Mercedes track. With Perez finding pace and Bottas not really delivering, feel if Hamilton wins this year, it will be like 2008 where a different constructor wins the WCC

    1. It was impossible for LH to win this year unless bad luck really strike MV again. Red Bull with PU vibration issue fixed is on another planet (just as Merc 2020).
      Meanwhile LH should defend the 2nd place, watch out for Perez catching up if LH does another Monaco’s point low.

    2. Bottas was doing a solid job tbh. Mercedes was sloppy with strategy.

    3. I agree with @pinakgosh there, Bottas did not really underperform at all. But the strategy just was the wrong one.

      I think they might have stopped to early to make a 1 stopper work today and that set in motion how the strategies played out. Who knows, maybe if Max had kept the lead at turn 1 it would have been Mercedes 2 stopping. Or maybe not.

      But RB made the strategy work for them, they countered Bottas’ stop with Max’ and it got him past Hamilton, while at the same time keeping Perez out there to be in a place to avoid giving Mercedes an easy option to just stop again (since it would drop them behind Perez, who would at that point not have been easily passed).

  4. Cristiano Ferreira
    20th June 2021, 16:10

    About time Ricciardo showed some pace, but still he needs to improve even more.

  5. Alpine has definitely lost a lot ground to AlphaTauri.

    1. AlphaTauri is noob because they’re still part of Helmut Marko

  6. Great performance so far from McLaren.

    Norris ahead of Bottas and the team ahead of Ferrari.

  7. Lando 17 points ahead of BOT in a McLaren! Imagine what NOR might do in a Mercedes…!

    1. Let me guess – change his own tyres to avoid 2 day long pitstops?

      1. Dear RB/AT: Enjoy Red Bull Ring you noobs
        Dear Mercedes: Enjoy Hocken- nah wait bring Germany back
        Dear Ferrari: Enjoy Monza you noobs
        Dear Haas: Enjoy Sochi and COTA you noobs

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