Former F1 driver Carlos Reutemann dies aged 79

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Former F1 driver Carlos Reutemann, winner of 12 grands prix and runner-up the 1981 world championship, has died at the age of 79 after a series of hospitalisations.

Reutemann was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1942 and drove in Formula 1 between 1972 and 1982.

He spent time at several of the top teams of the period, including Brabham, Ferrari, Lotus and Williams. Having led much of the 1981 championship, Reutemann narrowly lost to Nelson Piquet in the final race at Las Vegas, missing the title by a single point.

He left F1 soon afterwards and aside from a single appearance in his country’s round of the World Rally Championship – where he finished on the podium for Peugeot – he withdrew from competition.

He went on to have a successful political career in his homeland. Reutemann was elected governor of Santa Fe in 1999 and joined the country’s senate in 2003.

After suffering an intestinal haemorrhage in May, Reutemann began to recover and left intensive care later that month. However his condition later deteriorated and he passed away on July 7th.

Reutemann’s daughter Cora confirmed her father’s passing on social media. “Dad left in peace and dignity after fighting like a champion, with a strong and noble heart that accompanied him to the end,” she wrote.

“I am proud and blessed for the father I had. I know that he will accompany me every day of my life until we meet again in the house of the Lord.”

In a statement Formula 1 said: “We are all deeply saddened to hear that Carlos Reutemann has passed away.

“He was a big part of our sport for many years and was a fighter to the end. He will be greatly missed.”

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  • 14 comments on “Former F1 driver Carlos Reutemann dies aged 79”

    1. So sad to hear this news. Rest in peace, Lole.

    2. A very humble person, a gentleman and excellent pilot, always kept a low profile even during his political career. He will be missed.

      RIP Lole (such was his nickname).

    3. RIP Lole. A great driver in his own right. When everything was going right and when he was in a quick enough car, he was nearly unbeatable. Thanks for the memories!

    4. Great driver.
      Great man.

    5. So much talent. One of the greats.

    6. Sad news. Fond memories of him and all drivers of his era.


    7. Very sad news, always came across as a kind and thoughtful man. My thoughts are with his family.

    8. He was so close to become the champion. Rest In Peace!

    9. R.I.P. Carlos.

    10. From the land of El Chueco, best driver ever, from where so many greats sprouted in the 50’s and 60’s. But after Lole the source seems to have dried up. As far as I can remember, only one Argentinian driver has ever been classified in the last 40 years, Thas was Gaston Mazzacane, with a handful of races at Minardi, never scored (best position 8th at Nurburgring 2000, the Schuey-Hakkinen era, ranked a lowly 21st in the WDC ranking. And Brazil seems to be drying up also after Felipe’s retirement. Still we have Checo from Mexico…
      Here’s hoping for new great drivers from the Latin Americas. Sit tibi terra levis, Lole.

      1. Ambrogio Isgro
        8th July 2021, 9:51

        Norberto Fontana and Esteban Tuero were not classified in the rankings?
        In Brasil at least there is Enzo Fittipaldi in the Ferrari Academy and we’ll see of Montoya jr. Will be at the father’s level.
        I grow up with many brasilians drivers in F1 and Indy, now it’s strange not to see them at the top.

    11. RIP Lole

    12. RIP Mr Reutemann.

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