Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher, Austin, United States, 2021

Caption Competition 177: Block party

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Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher joined forces for the Race of Champions, but it wasn’t the first activity the pair have enjoyed together.

Ahead of last year’s United States Grand Prix, the team played a game of Jenga – which Schumacher appeared to end up losing.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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  • 43 comments on “Caption Competition 177: Block party”

    1. About to fall.

    2. Let me show you the strategy for the Race Of Champions…

    3. “and with this move Mick San there is no opponent you can not beat”

    4. “come on Mick. Just imagine it is Guenther. Place that block!”

    5. “and they said “but what about the trees?” and I said “to hell with you. This is F1 Jenga!”

    6. “Yeah Mick. I know I look like a scruffy old has been but trust me. Just SLAM that block in.”

    7. Strictly Come Dancing reaches a new low.

      (this wont work for non UK I suspect ;)

      1. @nullapax I believe the international reference would be “Dancing With The Stars”, which is what BBC Worldwide license it out as I believe

        1. Ahhh thanks.
          I’m not a television person so this is news to me ;)

          1. @nullapax

            A lot of TV formats are sold worldwide now.

            1. My TV went bust over 15 years ago and I have never bothered to replace it.
              I don’t miss it one bit.

    8. Guy in the lime green T-shirt on the left

      “Didn’t he used to be Sebastian Vettel?”

    9. “See, Mick! That’s exactly what happened to my career after Hockenheim 2018”

      (I am a big fan of his, no disrespect)

    10. Seb: “So, this is what your spine looks like as you go around Copse.”

    11. Are you sure these aren’t the Haas blocks?

    12. Seb: “No Mick, no, no, Mick that was so not right”

    13. Are you sure you haven’t used any glue?

    14. Typical rookie error

    15. Mick has deja-vu. Once again poor balance has destroyed his chances of winning.

    16. It’ll be a tall order to block other drivers when F1 goes carbon neutral.

    17. Seb wonders how long Mick can channel the force to prevent the blocks collapsing.

    18. Team’s devise a cunning way to distribute secret driver bonuses buy disguising gold bars as wooden blocks and having them come and help themselves.

    19. Haas is investigating a new renewable fuel for 2022

    20. Haas sponsorhip about to fall.

    21. A tower made out of pirelli and f1, prone to downfall.

    22. Deja-vu! Vettel watches his childhood hero knocking down his opponents.

    23. Schumacher plucking Hamilton out of f1.

    24. Schumacher once again forced to deal with sub par moves with his new team mate.

    25. Haas and Aston Martin continue to build on last year’s progress.

    26. Seb:- Wait, we will ask Mercedes how to build this,
      Mick:- We already got the design from Ferrari.

    27. Seb, is this really how we design the new car?

    28. “When you said you were gonna teach me how to block, Seb, this isn’t what I had in mind…”

    29. Vettel: Good Mick, but your dad always said the block/crash technique works best if you are leading the WC.

    30. Mick and Sebastian engage in a contest of “whose Jenga is bigger.”

    31. New kid’s on the block

    32. Still desperately short on parts, Mick picks out his 2022 skid block

    33. Mick blamed the wind for his crash.

    34. Let me remove this block named Ferrari…. ohhh no!!

    35. Hey SkyF1, that’s in the can, yes? Or should we do a re-take?

    36. Mick: This remodel is a flop.

    37. Lewisham Milton
      12th February 2022, 16:40

      Haha, I can blow through my mask, thinks Seb.

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