Russell intrigued by “unique” racing line resurfacing at Monza

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In the round-up: George Russell says he is not sure what to expect of a unique resurfacing job to the Monza circuit

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Russell intrigued by “unique” racing line resurfacing at Monza

George Russell says he is not sure what to expect of a unique resurfacing job to the Monza circuit where only the racing line has been repaved.

The track has been extensively repaved at the Rettifilo Chicane, Roggia Chicane and Ascari. However, only the asphalt that forms the traditional racing line has been repaved, rather than the entire width of the circuit.

“It’s very unique,” said Russell after completing his track walk on Thursday. “They’ve actually only resurfaced the racing line.

“They’ve not resurfaced the whole circuit… they’ve not resurfaced it fully from left to right, but actually it’s about probably four metres wide. So I don’t really know what it’s going to do for racing if there’s two different types of tarmac – one if you’re on the racing line and if you’re outside or inside of that, there’s less or more grip. So we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.”

Harder to hold off cars in Monza than Spa – Albon

Alexander Albon believes he will have a more difficult time keeping cars behind him during the Italian Grand Prix than at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps two weeks ago.

Albon secured the final point in tenth in Spa after holding off a train of cars for the second half of the race thanks to a superior straight line speed advantage. Despite Monza being another low downforce circuit, Albon is less confident of repeating the feat this weekend.

“The pace deficit from Spa compared to Monza – in terms of the pace you need to overtake – they’re not too far away from each other,” Albon said.

“I think what made Spa so good was because we were very strong in turn one. So we we tended to always get off, had decent traction out of one and could always pull out a gap before the car behind could overtake into turn five. I think this circuit’s a bit harder because you basically have a quick corner leading onto a longer street, so that advantage is less. So you are a bit more vulnerable.”

Gill leaves Mahindra after eight Formula E seasons

Mahindra team principal Dilbagh Gill has announced his departure from the Mahindra Formula E team after leading the Indian manufacturer since the season’s first ever EPrix back in 2014.

In a statement released online, the team confirmed that Gill would leave the team after the conclusion of this year’s championship, which was won by Stoffel Vandoorne and Mercedes.

“Mahindra Racing would like to thank Dilbagh Gill for his contribution, hard work and loyalty,” Mahindra said in a statement on social media.

£After nine years in the role of CEO and Team Principal of our Formula E team, overseeing 100 races, five race wins and 23 podiums, Dilbagh is moving on. We wish him all the best for his future challenges – he will always be a part of our electric story.”

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Comment of the day

With the death of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II – the longest reigning monarch in British history – reader Pat Pepper remembers how the late Queen was a part of Formula 1’s genesis…

Her Majesty had a small but notable connection to F1 history, which I hope will be remembered at some point during the Monza weekend’s various marks of respect, because she was at the very first world championship GP at Silverstone in 1950, attending with her father, King George VI.
Pat Pepper

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Mark Hitchcock and Prashanth Bhat!

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  • 13 comments on “Russell intrigued by “unique” racing line resurfacing at Monza”

    1. Queen Elizabeth II has another F1 obscure connection: Two pictures hung on the wall behind Frank Williams desk in his office in Grove. One was of Ayrton Senna, the other was of Her Majesty.

      1. What’s obscure about it? It’s obscure that people don’t live forever?

    2. It’s the Mirror so I probably shouldn’t read too much into it. But the Hulk to Haas is a bit of an eyebrow raiser. I don’t know if Auto Motor und Sport are a reliable source, but I wouldn’t have seen that coming.

      1. A Mirror link here is a bit weird.
        A Mirror link here is a bit weirder when they could link the original story from AMuS.

    3. Hulkenberg? Not a chance. He’s, at best, a last-resort choice for any team, given how long he’s been away from active racing, not only F1 but racing generally, i.e., semi-retired.
      His regular F1 racing days are behind, yet people won’t stop mentioning him in these contexts.
      People should be realistic with their expectations & besides, if Haas truly wanted him, they would’ve done so in March when they needed a replacement for Mazepin.
      Unless Danny RIC wants to join or Mick continues after all (still possible), Gio is definitely more likely as he was a regular driver last season, meaning only a single season without being a regular driver by the next season opener.

      Danny RIC & his cringiness by taking another temporary tattoo.

      Re Motorsport Broadcasting tweet, why would the funeral (presumably the reference) occur this weekend already? Nevertheless, I reckon they could cause late timing changes for some sessions like the other royal funeral on last season’s Emilia-Romagna GP weekend.

    4. The track resurfacing is weird – and could be interesting. Two different surfaces throughout the track could benefit those who stray from it, or punish them harder, I suppose we don’t know yet!

      If the weekend is rainy to start with, the new surface might not rubber in as much. In a sport where marginal gains can mean a huge difference, I’m sure teams will be eager to see what different it makes. It might not make too much difference (I’m sure the Monza folk wouldn’t have just slapped on any old tarmac) but if it does then it’s a good job Ecclestone isn’t still in charge, he’d have had multi line-surfaces at tracks until they looked like Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road!

      1. You can put softs on the left and mediums on the right side of the car!

    5. I’m just wondering if the FIA are getting a new UK National Anthem commissioned for this weekend seeing as some of the words will change.

      1. How would that change the instrumental version of the anthem?

        1. You are correct, I had realised my mistake post posting but you and @ahxshades had already corrected me before I could correct myself.

          I shall take the L and treat any mockery as a naivety tax!

          1. Hey @chimaera2003 – no mockery on my part at all – have a nice weekend

          2. No mockery intended, but I still expect you to sing the right words out loud if a McLaren, Mercedes, Williams, or Aston Martin driver wins ;)

      2. Fair Point @chimaera2003 – I think the version they use for the podium is music only without words – so people can sing along karaoke style. If of course there is a reason for the British anthem of course :)

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