Ricardo Rosset

Having graduated to Formula One through the traditional formulas, but with few noteworthy results (a couple of British Formule Three podiums in 1993), Ricardo Rosset found himself in Formula One with Arrows for 1996.

Unsurprisingly he was outperformed by team-mate Jos Verstappen, although rumours also abounded that it was possible to walk round most circuits quicker than the Brazilian drove them.

After being stuck with the abortive Lola team in 1997 his move to Tyrrell for 1998 was never likely to result in glory as the once great team had already been bought out by British American Racing.

Even so Rosset’s performances were rarely impressive and a failure to qualify at Monaco left the mechanics exchanging the ‘r’ and ‘t’ in his name. It was no great surprise when the Brazilian was without a seat for 1999.